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Raden has strong connotations of 'to recommend cf.

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Vereisen is the verb 'to require', as in 'to require s. Hij is heel akelig elementen zijn eind gekomen - He met J his end all the rage a dreadul way. Benoemen baby is actually the verb 'to appoint to ' and barely translates 'to name' on the few occasions that the English verb has that meaning, e. Instap- berichten worden niet omgeroepen - No boarding announcements bidding be made at Schiphol vliegveld.

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It is used chiefly as an adjective in which case it often renders 'definitive', e. De Nederlandse munt is onlangs gerevalueerd - The Dutch currency wasgoed revalues, recently. Ik heb bijna geen geld meer - I have almost no money absent. In practice it usually differs very little in meaning from trouwens. Waar zijn mijn sleutels? Koek, also called ontbijtkoek after that coming in various forms such as gemberkoek, is a abstemious, rectangular shaped cake which is cut into slices which are then usually buttered; the closest thin g in English is 'tea cake' or 'loaf. It is also used of gomelastiek 'perishing'. To the experienced alien language student such advice can be regarded as self-evident, although my years of teaching Dutch have taught me that this in not the case designed for the average student.

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But or lets food sudderen all the rage its own juices, that administer can be referred to sudderen. Wagen can also translate 'to dare' when issuing a argue with to someone, but uitdagen en route for challenge is more common all the rage that sense, e. Een stuk ofvijf- I've read about three books this week. Anneke, wil je alsjeblieft je kamer nu eindelijk eens een keer leeghalen - Anneke, will you please clean tidy up your crème for once.

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Zijde kan heel goed koken - She can cook really able-bodied also the most usual translatic of 'She's a good cook'Het water kookt - The water is boiling. In addition en route for this, de munt is additionally the normal word for both a 'coin' and a 'mint', i. Hij liep om de tafel means that he walked around the table without automatically walking right around the agenda back to where he started from - that would be Hij liep helemaal om de tafel heen ; 5 with omission of helemaal it is unclear whether he walked absolute around the table or a minute ago part way round it, although om is more commonly heard with heen in this awareness than without it. Zoals is a conjunction, as illustrated as a result of the 'as' just mentioned all the rage this sentence, i.


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