Beauty on Rose is city premier sanctuary for people who want to feel beautiful, radiant and strong. It gives clients a luxurious haven away from the pressures of life, where they feel nurtured, inspired and renewed.

We exist because

In our 25+ years as an industry leader in beauty and wellness, we have come to know many, many amazing people. As we got to know our clients on a deeper level, we’ve been blown away by your strength in the face of the relentless stresses of modern life.

  • We see the intense demands, the time pressures, the increasing social expectations and the impact that these make on your personal wellbeing, state of mind and physical health.
  • We quickly realised that while you might come in for a facial, what you really craved was to feel energised, renewed and radiant again.

So we asked ourselves, what do our clients really need to let their light shine? Beautiful skin, of course. Inner health and inner peace. Grace and strength in the face of daily pressures.

But above all, we realised, they need a circle of experts to support them and make them feel nurtured and understood. Caring, experienced professionals who could relight their inner spark, restore balance and create total body renewal, inside and out.

First off, we focus on safety first. This is why a compulsory skin screening & consultation is allocated prior to any treatment. This allows us to assess and treat only the correct suitable candidates. 

Secondly, we charge by time. With ever single person being a different shape and size, we charge by time, rather than area. Having the fastest laser on the market (most areas take 5-15 minutes). We also sell series in packs of 3. We know that our laser work and we’re not into over treating or purchasing series of laser packages for areas that aren’t working. 

That’s why after 3 treatment we have a complementary check in session to make sure your treatment expectations are being met. Time purchased is transferable to any area of the body, so you’re not punished if treatment has worked well! Time is also convertible* across laser hair removal, vascular, pigmentation & skin rejuvenation. (*Treatments available on Laser) We are focused on your results, which is why each series pack purchase contains an ‘at home’ kit with the essentials needed for your hair removal treatment.